Do you really understand the choice of fabrics?

Update time:04-08-2016

Selected high-quality thick wool fabrics, coupled with […]

Selected high-quality thick wool fabrics, coupled with special exquisite craftsmanship, give it a regular 3D three-dimensional effect, unique innovation, free and loose version, simple and neat, showing youthful vitality

Selected high-quality woolen fabrics, soft and comfortable, uniform color, green woolen fabric and black knitting collision stitching, more fashionable and romantic, the irregular design of the front and the short and the back raising shows the charm of personality

Selected high-end lap fabrics, fashionable and elegant, graceful and luxurious all in one, the big lapel meets the bow-knot belt cut, showing the unique design beauty

Selected classic wool fabrics, embellished with exquisite artistic craftsmanship, permeated with elegant ladies temperament, exquisite lapels, and self-cultivation styles, which freely outline the beautiful curves of women

Selected high-end double-sided woolen fabrics, soft to the touch, strong skin-friendly, light and warm, when encountering the bold contrasting pattern printing on the above, both trendy and fashionable senses, showing the beauty

Selected mulberry silk and cotton material, comfortable and light, the streamlined tailoring is perfectly integrated with the printing elements, wearing a young and fashionable posture, rendering a fresh trend