Explain the knowledge of composite fabrics for you

Update time:04-08-2016

Composite fabric is a new type of material formed by bo […]

Composite fabric is a new type of material formed by bonding one or more layers of textile materials, non-woven materials and other functional materials. It is suitable for making sofas, clothing and other textiles. It is an indispensable fabric for people's home life. Composite fabric is a kind of special textile processing and unique dyeing finishing using superfine fibers, and then processed by "composite" equipment. The composite fabric uses the "new synthetic fiber" high technology and new materials, and has many excellent properties (compared with ordinary synthetic fibers), such as the fabric performance is fine and clean, delicate, elegant, and warm, and the fabric appearance is full, windproof and breathable. It has a certain waterproof function, and its main characteristics are warmth and good air permeability. The English of composite fabric is: "Lamination Fabric" "Soft Shell Fabric"

Because the composite fabric uses superfine fibers, the fabric has a high cleaning ability, that is, decontamination ability. Another feature of the fabric is: good abrasion resistance, the microfiber fabric is soft, breathable, and moisture permeable, so it has obvious advantages in terms of touch and physiological comfort, and the microfiber fabric has poor wrinkle resistance (this It is caused by soft fibers and poor elastic recovery after creasing); in order to overcome this shortcoming, a "composite" process was adopted, which greatly improved the shortcomings of poor wrinkle resistance of ultra-fine fiber fabrics. Composite fabrics are currently popular jacket fabrics in Europe and America.

Woven fabrics are combined with knitted fabrics; knitted fabrics are combined with knitted fabrics; woven fabrics are combined with woven fabrics. Sports and leisure clothing uses knitted fabric composite knitted fabric, which has the effect of woven fabric and has good elasticity. Therefore, in the eyes of consumers of this type of clothing, it is still popular and popular among the public.

Six kinds of composite processes that are popular in the world, namely hot sol powder dot coating composite process, hot sol paste dot composite process, hot sol powder composite: process, hot sol two-point composite process, polyurethane spray composite process, polyamine The fabric compounded by the grease roller coating composite process is a newer fabric developed by the market. In short, it is a fabric composed of two fabrics. In the past, the most common compound was the compound of suede fabric and wool, but now it can be compounded with any fabric. The width of the composite fabric is limited to the size before the two fabrics are composited, and can generally reach 145CM.

Maintenance of composite fabrics:

After the maintenance treatment of the negative side is completed, the front fabric is compounded, and the same maintenance treatment is required. It is worth noting that when the front is compounded, the front and back fabrics should be aligned with the strands to avoid serious weft skew and straight threads. Phenomena such as twisting. It should be emphasized that the composite fabric cannot be recombined. Even if the material is used for stripping, it will greatly affect the yarn of the fabric and become harder and harder. Moreover, the fabric is very easy to sew into a garment. Pierced by a needle. Since the lamination adhesive uses chemical materials, it will have a certain physical reaction to nylon fabrics. Therefore, it is recommended that customers use polyester fabrics, which can effectively control the color of the fabric before and after the compound. , And the water pressure resistance and air permeability index have certain influence. Composite fabrics often have irregular edges, so the composite factory must be required to trim the edges, so that it is beneficial to the garment factory's cutting. The fabric width is wider than that of cotton woven fabrics.